The freeze-dried “NoH2O® White Truffle”

Tartufo Bianco Disidratato

Thanks to a brand new technique, Tartuflanghe has finally found a way to obtain the freeze-dried white truffle.

This innovative preserving process was presented at the “Alba White Truffle Award” and used by two of the best Italian chefs:



Tartufo disidratato noh2oThe White Alba Truffle can now be preserved for 24 months at room temperature and its taste can be kept unchanged, with a surprising long lasting flavour. The new technique is based on the freeze-drying process, made in a vacuum room in order to take all moisture out of the truffle, since the water is mainly responsible for its fast deterioration.

This technique is not based on chemical manipulation, but on a physical process.
While part of the smell is lost during the process, it is possible to keep the flavours of the product and the distinct taste of the white truffle from Alba unchanged.

NOH2O-whiteThe freeze-dried White Truffle does not contain preservatives, nor flavourings:

it is 100% White Alba Truffle. After the dehydrating process, the truffle looses all its moisture (about 80%): from 5g of fresh white truffle we obtain 1g of dehydrated white truffle.

Thanks to this unique technique, the white truffle from Alba can also be eaten when not in season. With its taste, which makes it famous all around the world, unaltered.