Visit the “tartufaia”

Our “Tartufaia” (the woodland where we harvest the  truffles) came into being about 10 years ago through a project created in co-operation with the CNR (National Research Institute) and the University of Turin.

La tartufaia


We planted some trees, such as oak, sweet chestnut, hazel, lime and hornbeam on a small hill in the Roero area, in a soil free from chemical treatment and suitable for truffles.

These trees are some of the best varieties for stimulating the growth of truffles, both black and white. Every year our Tartufaia attracts the attention and curiosity of journalists, researchers and aficionados from all over the world.

We also organize truffle hunting with a Trifolao (truffle hunter) and his trusty hound. This is a pleasant walk over the ancient pathways of the Roero area, among hills and woods, to learn the secrets of this precious hunt.