Tartuflanghe offers more than 100 different recipes: a big variety of Italian specialities and truffle products made through an accurate selection of raw materials. The quality is guaranteed by the high professional competence used during the production, the respect of tradition and the handcrafted methods along with technology and innovation.

La Stampa

In 2010, Tartuflanghe was the first company to present the freeze-dryed “noH20 Truffle”: 100% freeze-dried fresh truffle through a sophisticated technique that takes out the moisture of the truffle, without using any additive or chemical process. An innovative product that keeps the flavour and taste unchanged for a long time and enhances its features when placed on warm dishes.

In the same year, after a lot of research and experimentation, Tartuflanghe presented a new innovative product, winner of the “Tendences and Innovation” award in Paris at the “Sial 2010”: the Perlage ® (truffle juice in pearls).The tasty winter black truffle juice, obtained through direct extraction from the truffle during its cooking, is shaped in small pearls that that to the eye and in consistency are similar to caviar, but have the taste of truffle.