Il vitello in tre: crudo, marinato e cotto rosa


1) Veal Tartare

  • 160g = 5,64 oz veal meat (chopped to make Veal Tartare)
  • 20ml = 0.67 fl oz citronette sauce (an extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice emulsion)
  • 2g = 0.07 oz anchovy paste
  • 50g = 1.76 oz ricotta cheese
  • 10g = 0.35 oz grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese
  • 1 drop “Oro in Cucina Extra virgin olive with black winter truffle” by  Tartuflanghe
  • Salt and pepper Extra virgin olive oil
  • Brunoise of celery, carrots and radish (chopped into small pieces)
  • Baby salad to decorate
  • “Truffle Perlage”: Truffle Caviar by Tartuflanghe 

2) Marinated Veal Carpaccio

  • 160g = 5.64 oz veal carpaccio previously marinated for 2 days with spices, salt and sugar
  • 20g = 0.70 oz green salad
  • 20g = 0.70 oz Parmigiano Reggiano cheese cut into thin slices
  • 60 ml = 2.02 fl oz lime juice and grated Parmigiano emulsion
  • chopped chives
  • 1 drop of “Oro in Cucina Extra virgin olive with black winter truffle” by Tartuflanghe
  • Extra virgin olive oil 
  • Carrot Julienne as decoration

3) Veal meat “Rose”

  • 120g = 4.23 oz veal meat cooked in the oven at 68°C.
  • Before you put it in the oven, drizzle extra virgin olive oil over it. Cook the meat for about 10 minutes until it reaches 56°C inside.
  • 4 spoolful of Cavour Sauce: Mayonnaise sauce prepared mixing white wine vinegar, salt, 1 whole egg, 1 drop of truffle oil, and capers, pickled cucumbers, pickles small onions, parsley and 1 anchovy finely chopped. 


Cooking instruction

1) Veal Tartare

Chop the meat finely with a sharp knife in order to make the tartare and then dress it with the citronette sauce, the anchovy paste, a dash of salt and pepper. Shape the tartare into a small meatball. Fill it with the ricotta cheese previously dressed with the grated parmigiano, salt and truffle oil.


2) Marinated Veal Carpaccio

Take 4 thin slices of veal carpaccio per person, lay them on a plate and add the salad and the slices of parmigiano on top. Roll the meat with the salad inside into a shape of a spiral.


3) Veal meat “Rose”

Slice the cooked meat into 5 thin slices per person and shape them in form of a rose.



On a rectangular plate put the first raw meatball over some leaves of baby green salad and the vegetable Brunoise (dressed with 2 drops of extra virgin olive oil). Drizzle over the meatball some extra virgin olive oil and add a dash of salt. Put the Truffle Perlage on top. Beside the meatball, put the marinated veal carpaccio with some carrot julienne on top. Dress it with the lime and Parmigiano emulsion. Put the cooked veal meat “rose” beside the meat carpaccio and dress it with the Cavour sauce. Put a caper on top as decoration.


Fulvio Siccardi –