Tataki di tonno al burro tartufato


  • 100g= 3.52 oz tuna fish fillet cut into sticks
  • 20 + 20g= 1.41 oz “Tartuflanghe Truffle butter”
  • 20g= 0.70 oz mascarpone seasoned with: some salt and chives, a drop of lemon juice and 2 drops of “Oro in Cucina black winter truffle oil” by Tartuflanghe,
  • “Truffle Perlage”: Truffle Caviar by Tartuflanghe
  • 1 blade of chives


Cooking instructions

Sear the tuna briefly on high heat on all sides with truffle butter, cool immediately in iced water and dry. Brush the tuna with the remaining truffle butter melted.


Cut 4 pieces of tuna and turn them on a plate or spoon in the direction of the cut, put on a teaspoon of the seasoned mascarpone and the Truffle Perlage to finish and decorate with the blade of chives cut into 4 pieces