Ravioli del plin alla carbonara di Daniele Usai

Daniele Usai, the one Michelin-starred chef at Fiumicino and winner of the contest created in collaboration with JRE Italia and the magazine Italia Squisita, interprets the most classic stuffed pasta from Langhe, with a “Roman” twist.

This traditional recipe owes its name to how they are closed, by pinching them – “plin” in the Piedmontese dialect. Thus, this version of plin alla carbonara was born with Alba’s white truffle. Originality, delight and great dexterity are found in these Italian fusion recipes!


Milano, Italy
17 - 20 May 2021
Colonia, Germany
23 - 26 March 2021
Cologne, Germany
Hall 4.2, stand A-B
31 January 2021
3 February 2021