Brand new encapsulated flavoured oils available in our online shop

How can you give the perfect touch of flavour and elegance to your culinary creations? It’s easy, thanks to the line of encapsulated oils.

Created by means of a special technology using high quality oils and ingredients, we now offer four new flavours: Caviaroli garlic, Caviaroli Wasabi, Caviaroli Sherry Vinegar by Pedro Ximénez and Caviaroli Drops by Albert Adrià.

Caviaroli garlic is made with extra virgin olive oil with a refined hint of garlic, which is ideal for adding a touch of flavour exactly where necessary without the taste spreading throughout the entire dish. It is ideal for salads, fish, guazzetto and pasta, and pairs well with hot and cold dishes.

Caviaroli Wasabi is created from extra virgin olive oil with the addition of the natural aroma of wasabi to obtain the same spicy taste of green horseradish root, but with an oily texture that adds an aesthetic touch to each dish. Ideal for sushi and raw fish, this preparation is the perfect choice to spice up your dish with an impeccable aesthetic.

Caviaroli Sherry Vinegar by Pedro Ximénez is made with vinegar obtained from Sherry wine made with Pedro Ximénez grapes. It is the first product to be made with vinegar instead of with oil. The pearls are larger to increase the intensity of the flavour. Ideal for meats, vegetables, salads and fruit, this product pairs perfectly with both salty and sweet dishes.

Caviaroli Drops by Albert Adrià is a new range that enhances the spherical process. Created in collaboration with Albert Adrià based on its original recipe, the famous spherical olives are finally available in Italy. With their creamy texture, they are ideal for serving as snacks or as finger food by the spoon, in potato salad or in meat or tuna tartar. They are even great in cocktails, like a Dirty Martini.




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