La Cala – by Albert Adrià


Paolo Montanaro, CEO of the company, met Albert Adrià during a trip to Barcelona in 2015 for a tasting of “Made in Tartuflanghe” ingredients (currently used at the restaurants Tickets, Pakta, Enigma and HojaSanta).

This long afternoon sealed the collaboration between Albert, Alvaro Montero and Paolo to not only supply tailor-made ingredients for restaurants in Barcelona, ​​but also to distribute the new concept “La Cala” in Italy.

“La Cala – by Albert Adrià” is an assortment that stems from the coming together of the selection of Albert Adrià, one of the chefs who has most influenced the world of gastronomy, and the production of small Spanish artisans that stand out for their excellence. For the first time – and exclusively in Italy – Tartuflanghe offers the products of the chef, entrepreneur, experimenter and lover of tradition with innovative talent. Albert Adrià began his experience in the kitchens of El Bulli in 1985 alongside his brother Ferran, and later created the “elBarri” project, a gourmet “prêt-à-manger” experience in the heart of Barcelona. Thus, the restaurants Tickets, Pakta, Bodega 1900, nino Viejo, Hoja Santa and Enigma came to be, all located in a particular area of ​​Barcelona that is set to become the beating heart of gastronomy in the Catalan capital.

“La Cala” is the original idea of ​​Albert Adrià to enjoy the aperitif, with products selected and developed with the best Spanish artisan producers by pairing the best raw ingredients with the original recipes of the Catalan chef, as used in Vermuteria Bodega 1900. La Cala-Albert Adrià was born from the passion for vermouth and traditional ingredients, but with the creativity and personal talent of one of the international icons of cuisine. The brand is of Barcelona origin, with a Catalan identity and DNA capable of crossing Iberian borders.
In his products, Adrià contains concepts, products and innovations, supported by renowned artisans and manufacturers with which he works throughout the entire process.
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